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Lee Scott – Super-Sonic-Sci-Fi-Sounds//Brave New World


A lovely mix, right across the board, interspersed with skits from CBS radio workshop with Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World.

Stick it on and let Lee Scott take you on a journey..

Track listing

David Axelrod – Warning Talk Part 1
David Axelrod – The Human Abstract
Natural Yogurt Band – Psalm
Natural Yogurt Band – Eastern Promise
Lalo Schifrin – Secret Code
Riz Ortolani – Il Consigliori
Deodato – Prelude To The Afternoon Of The Fawn
Jack Wilkins – Red Clay
Art Farmer – Soulsides
Coffee Garner – HotMello
4Teenth – Unknown Promo
Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orch – East West
Heliocentrics – Second Chance
Axwax – Unknown Promo Edit
Cortex – 8 OCT 71
Burt Bacharach – South American Getaway
Gabor Szabo – Spellbinder

CBS radio workshop with Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World skits throughout.

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The Mohawks Interviewed by Mark Rae for WhoSampled.com


http://www.whosampled.com Presents
An Interview with The Mohawks (http://www.whosampled.com/sampled/The…)
Alan Hawkshaw (Keyboards)
Les Hurdle (Bass)

+ legendary session drummer Clem Cattini

Interviewed by Mark Rae (Rae & Christian, Grand Central)

Held at the WhoSampled 3rd Birthday Party, Oct 28th 2011, London
Hosted by Mixcloud

Buy Alan Hawkshaw’s autobiography, ‘The Champ’, here: http://www.alanhawkshaw.com/shop/books


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Sampling in 1989…


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Yocto 808 TR-808 Clone unboxing


So the other day I received the Yocto 808 kit which I had on back order a while back. Basically, it is an exact clone (apart from I think one component) of the Roland TR-808. As you can see from the bag and bags of components, I have a massive task ahead of me, but I’m eager and I’ve already started, updates to follow.

Keep an eye on my progress here:

Check out the Yocto here: http://www.e-licktronic.com/en/27-yocto-complet-kit-tr-808-clone-tr808.html

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“Rhythm Roulette” – El-P

El – P chooses 3 records at random, blindfolded from a record store, and then has to make a track using them..

From Mass Appeal’s Rhythm Roulette series.

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Cricket chirps slowed Right down Sound like angels…


Tom Waits (on Jim Wilson): “Wilson, he’s always playing with time. I heard a recording recently of crickets slowed way down. It sounds like a choir, it sounds like angel music. Something sparkling, celestial with full harmony and bass parts – you wouldn’t believe it. It’s like a sweeping chorus of heaven, and it’s just slowed down, they didn’t manipulate the tape at all. So I think when Wilson slows people down, it gives you a chance to watch them moving through space. And there’s something to be said for slowing down the world.”

Source: “Woyzeck to run at Freud Playhouse”. Daily Bruin (USA), by Andrew Lee. December 3, 2002

Find more on the recording on this link: www.democraticunderground.com/10023815586

Tom Waits on Tom waits talking about this recording – gloriousnoise.com/2008/tom_waits_i…rviews_tom_waits

More on the recording – hearingvoices.com/transcript.php?fID=142

You can buy original recording here – www.amazon.com/Gods-Chorus-Crick…=viglink124132-20

Original recording from the author – www.constancedemby.com/godscricketchorus_f.html

And more: scienceblogs.com/startswithabang/…d-down-crickets/

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‘SNOWFLAKES’ – Chairman Maf


Wintery goodness from Chairman Maf

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Sixfingerz – Pink Elephants On Parade

Nice use of the Dumbo soundtrack…

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Wikidrummer Video shows How Different Drums Sound In Different Environments

The makers of this video claim that no artificial reverb has been added..


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