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I stumbled aross this guy on mySpace (remember that?) and was absolutely blown away by the track he had up on his player. I sent him a message, and soon after that he sent me what was to be one of my favourite albums of all time. Since mySpace turned into the most horrid piece of crap ever to grace the internet, I lost contact, although that album was still *the* one I put on whenever I wanted to chill.

So there I was, half watching ‘The Omega Man’, with Charlton Heston (actually i was watching it with my girlfriend, but Charlton heston’s in it…) and a little bit of music sparked a tiny bell of recognition… Sure enough, one of the odd spoken word samples from Crookram’s album followed and it jolted me into action. A quick google cropped up his website, and a quick email to him and we’re back in action. Amazingly enough the afformentioned album is available for free download, but also lo and behold there is a new collection of tracks, and unlike Dj Shadow and RJD2 to name but two, this album is equally full of brilliance…

Seriously, check this out:


This track is on the 19/76 EP which you can download at 320kbps here:

and then this off the more recent album ‘Through Windows’


Which you can also get for free here:

Be sure to check out the website here: click portfolio and have a listen to the tracks on the player, or check out … GOLD!

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