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Jim’ll Mixit – The Sound of Chess Records

Went round an old friend’s house,  and had a dig through his 45s, and came away with some of his doubles (Thanks Terry!)…

He’s got some seriously rare stuff, I might have to haul my Akai down there at some point and start harvesting. Anyways, I saw a couple of 45s from this label, and it reminded me of this lovely mix from Cambridge’s own Jim’ll Mixit..

In his own words:

This special mix was done for my father, who introduced me to the sound of soul / blues / RnB / Boogie and serious music from his favorite label. I thought I’d return the favor. There is nothing in here that’s earth shatteringly rare. However everything is top draw in my opinion. I hope you have as much fun listening to it as I had making it.

Much love.


Whack this on and brighten up your day:


To download hit the button in the player, and be sure to check out Jim’s soundcloud page.

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