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Cuthead – City Slicker

I promised more, and here it is. Once again, Cuthead blends the finest bits from hiphop, dubstep, and house, and melds them all together in the most amazing slo-mo mind melting fashion you could imagine…

And while Nero and co are expecting you to shell out a tenner for the same album they brought out last year, but with different vocals and even more annoying cliche chainsaw bass all over it ‘because that’s what the kids want’, Cuthead is producing quality music, FOR FREE…

Yup, that’s right, download link is after the players..

Heavy instrumental hiphop:


Soul sampling house music


An Isley Brother’s dubstep remix


And the type of glitchy kind of dance music that if you described it to me I’d probably think sounded awful, but is in fact quite the opposite..


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